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September 2018

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Money And Intimacy

In relationships, and in life generally, if you have too little money, things can get really get messy. It is well known that the majority of arguments in marriage and relationships are caused by money problems. Financial difficulties are a leading cause of separation and divorce. Men who do not have much money are also far more likely to accuse women that they date of gold-digging as well – because they do not have a lot to share themselves, they are paranoid about making sure that they either hold on to what little they have or get “good value for money” in return. By which they usually mean getting laid in return for what money they have spent on the dating process. Continue Reading

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Running An Escort Business

What does running an escort business mean? What do you need to do and to understand to run a successful escort business? Trust me when I tell you that it is much more complicated than just finding a couple of girls willing to have sex for money and building a web site. Oh, I wish that was all there was to it!

I am sitting here building up the courage to start looking at my new online banking programme. I am, it has to be said, a bit of a wimp when it comes to things like this. It is not the technology or the banking as such that makes me break out into a cold sweat. I work with technology every day and I use online banking personally all of the time. And in dealing with clients, suppliers, staff and a vast array of the sexiest escort Geneva has to offer I must spend hours on my laptop, tablets or phone every day. So what is it? What could it be that brings out the fight or flight response in me every time? Continue Reading


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London is the capital for escort industry, in the result, London escorts have popular demand in the world. Elite Society London is a service provider of high-class female escorts. We are well known for the bespoke service professionalism of our London escort ladies. We have the best selection of London escort girls, and they are beautiful, elegant and sophisticated girls. These stunning ladies are Latin,  West European and East European models and next door girl available for our clients. You can give us a call or send us an email, and we will organise the best escort meeting you ever have. Continue Reading