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Money And Intimacy

In relationships, and in life generally, if you have too little money, things can get really get messy. It is well known that the majority of arguments in marriage and relationships are caused by money problems. Financial difficulties are a leading cause of separation and divorce. Men who do not have much money are also far more likely to accuse women that they date of gold-digging as well – because they do not have a lot to share themselves, they are paranoid about making sure that they either hold on to what little they have or get “good value for money” in return. By which they usually mean getting laid in return for what money they have spent on the dating process.

On the other hand, having an excess of money can lead to other challenges. I know that this is a problem most people would like to have, but trust me it is no more fun than the opposite. You just get to suffer in more style and in nicer surroundings. I have also seen many men with lots of money who believe that the lifestyle they offer the women they date entitles the to treat every women that they encounter as thought they were professional sex workers, like the girls who escort Malaga visitors that they hire when they are travelling. No woman likes to be treated as property, not even sex workers, who do not sell themselves but rent themselves out!

I have seen men marry beautiful young women as “trophy wives” only to shortly afterward turn around and say how much they dislike the woman’s personality. So why marry them when you can rent beauty by the hour? I have frequently seen wealthy men cheat on trophy wives because they have “done their job” as a husband / bread winner and feel entitles to do whatever they choose. In many of these cases, money is what keeps the couple together, along with the pretense of love.

So what about the type of relationships where men are literally paying beautiful girls for temporary companionship and sexual services such as in the situation between clients and high class escorts? In those interactions, there’s no illusion of love although they might actually have feelings for each other, especially if they have met several times. Escorts are paid to keep everything confidential, to have uncomplicated with men and they are also paid for the companionship that they provide.

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